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*1. Mika's blogging style is very... Japanese. xD Whenever possible, I have retained her personal touches, like emoticons, in their original context (Standard US encoding doesn't provide an equivalent for stars and musical notes and such). If you have a problem viewing some characters on this page, your problem should be solved by just setting your Encoding options to "S-JIS" (Encoding options ought to be available with a right-click on any browser).
*2. Mika also likes to write in large fonts to convey excitement. I, however, do not. Whenever this emerges, I'll do my best to replicate with use of bold and italics for emphasis.

March 28, 2005 Isn't it pretty?

What does this make you think of?
Funny store promotions?

As a matter of fact, this is a photo of three pen lights sold in the hall from our final live tour stood up together and filtered through a soda bottle. It's pitch black backstage, so the primary colors shining gives a lovely mood, don't you think?
When I bought the pen lights, they wouldn't shine, but all you have to do is stand them in a plastic cylinder filled with water! Oh, how mysterious (PP;)!!
Suddenly the light went "FWOOM".
What else can we do with these?

*sniff, sniff*

Right now, I don't know what I'm smelling (;^_^A
Incidentally, the lights were 400 yen apiece.
The people in the hall's guest seating were swaying to the glare from the penlights, and onstage I saw lots of pink -- it made me happy, but also made me wonder "what's that?"
The shop didn't sell a pink light......

And then Ryuuji-kun said, "The red into pink is just an optical illusion. It was really all red. Stuuuupid (laughs)"
..Man~ (G_).
But it's all good! I wouldn't mind seeing everything pink all the time~!iMLj

But, like I did in the tours before the hall sparkled pink, I'm doing my best!

Translation posted 18 Dec 2005

March 17, 2005 Decorating Bread

Been a long long long time

Ayumi-chan and I have arrived in Kagoshima together to make an appearance at a children's event
And we dug in
I'm making bread in the photo -- The people in charge of the Personal Experience Corner said it wasn't possible to open the hall early; no fake-baking for us!

It was all so much fun

The kids in the assembly hall were SO excited -- Does this mean I'm already an adult?!!

Haa, such a deep experience to convey such a terrible realization (>_<)

The best floor of the hotel had the spa -- I'm soooo glad I spotted the "Sakurajima" sign~ o(^-^)o

Kagoshima is SO full of yummy meals and sake and spas!

I made lots of wonderful memories there

I'm gonna do my best as long as this final tour keeps going!


"Tsubasa Chronicle" is airing in April

The person in charge of post-production assures me he couldn't have found a cuter Mokona

Everyone needs to hurry and watch.
Wait for it, okay!


Translation posted 18 Dec 2005

March 16, 2005 Announcement!

March 16th was Hisayoshi-san's (he's my manager) birthday~!!
*applause* (^0^)/
Today we've started recording a new program for the Spring TV season

My favorite food is omelette with vinegar Today's photograph is from lunchtime
Aren't two-tiered lunchboxes the best??
Back in high school, I'd always pack an omelette up top and an omelette below
How much you must have spent on my favorite foods, Mother... Well, at least you'd make jokes about it... I think. *LOL*
Right! My mom's a fairly funny person. ([[;)
I'll have to introduce her around sometime

Today was the first day of recording -- I think I was an annoyance to Zumina-san. m(__)m
Next time'll go MUCH more smoothly! I insist on it!!
Tonight, I go to bed early too!

Translation posted 20 Nov 2005

March 16, 2005 Announcement!

At noon on March ##th, I went to go record! It's been a long bout of tension (>_<)

Eh?! What did I sing?? Well, I'm announcing it now (^0^)/
Actually, I've been singing an insert song for Magiranger

I'm really so happy!! It's got totally pretty, wonderful lyrics, so please be sure to check it out when it's aired

More recently, I've been a little sick, so I was worried about what would happen if they needed me to sing another take, but it turned out okay

It's been so good~ (^O^)

Translation posted 20 Nov 2005

March 14, 2005 Celebrate! The Last Day!!

I can't seem to update much, I'm sorry. m(__)m Today was the last Dekaranger show held in the Sky Theater

Six performances each day! At first, I was surprised, like "wh--what?!" And on the final day, we squeezed in a seventh show! Now that the final tour's passed, it's kind of lonely. (:_;) It was cold inside Sky Theater, so now I'm really thankful that I've got some legroom to move around (^0^)/

And, everyone everywhere, please wait for me! I'm making a jump~ o(^-^)o

Then we got into a group to start taking promo photos I'm so full of all the sake and umeboshi and ice they freely left out for us Feeling like this always makes me smile (^^U

Working tomorrow too! Cheers with orange juice!!

Translation posted 20 Nov 2005

March 8, 2005 3/1

This is a photo of me and Mokona, the character I voice.
That day I went to CLAMP's Kawasaki studio!!

Visiting the studio may be a good motivation, but it's also a LOT of pressure to do well! Anyway, everything's so pretty! In this way, taking part in such a great production makes me a really happy person. (>_<)

More and more since the start of postrecording, fans of the original make sure we remember to stay as close to it as possible . I'm doing my best! o(^-^)o And I'll keep my Mokona's mood-maker identically fun! (^O^)

Have fun with me, okay??

Translation posted 27 Oct 2005